“Sarah Lee is a truly amazing coach and person all around! I’ve worked with her for the past few months as I’ve transitioned from going through all three levels of care at the Oliver Pyatt ED treatment center in Miami. They saved my life and Sarah is helping me create a life worth living. She is hands on with not only me, but with all of her clients. Her coaching is a labor of love. She’s compassionate, she really cares about you and best of all she knows her stuff, inside and out. I trust her completely! I am so happy and feel very fortunate to have found Sarah Lee and been able to work with her. She is exactly what I needed and I’m seeing real results. I’m so blessed that she is a part of my team that is helping continue to make a deep impact on my road to recovery from anorexia. I couldn’t and wouldn’t want to go this alone. I don’t have to. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing her services. Thank you so very much for everything Ms. Sarah Lee! It’s a pleasure working with you!”

Nicole O.

“Your group series provided me great information! I definitely took away that being healthier is a journey. I think your positivity is really helping me to make changes as they fit into my life, but also to make it a priority. I love your gentle reminders and the approach you take to healthy living in general. Thank you so much!!”

Casie O.

“Sarah Lee is one of the most amazing people that have come into my life. She is one of my biggest blessings. She has taught me that food is not something to be afraid of. She’s also helped with my body image so much. I would recommend her any day of the week because she is just one of the nicest and genuine people I’ve ever met and always is thoughtful of you and thanks to her I’m fully recovered. I don’t know where I would be with out her. ”

Olivia T.

“Sarah is one of the most inspirational women I’ve ever met. She understood exactly what my struggles were and empowered me to work through them at my own pace. Without her, I would have never gotten as far as I have. She is insightful, and extremely passionate about helping others.”

Lori Ann Z.

“Sarah, thank you for teaching me how to be kind and gentle, while still holding myself accountable. Also, your encouragement, kindness, and support is very motivating! Your group series changed how I see some things. I’m grateful!”

Lyn B.

“I really enjoyed taking part in your group. Thanks for having me. You are fabulous! I love all of the psychological aspects behind our eating habits. I must admit, I didn’t think about that before. Thank you for opening my eyes!”

Leigh Anne L.

“From our wonderful 13 weeks together, I learned to believe in myself and have better overall confidence in everything. I was empowered to challenge myself and proved to myself that I CAN do anything I put my mind to. Sarah is super easy to talk to and I would recommend EVERYONE to her! I always enjoyed and looked forward to each of our sessions!”

Jacquelyn D.

“Sarah was a constant source of strength, well-being and motivation in my time with her. She helped me identify and capitalize on my strengths. She is the most positive person I have ever met! She made me feel like there is nothing I cannot achieve. I learned how to think positively about my weaknesses and of those around me. She is a life coach.”

Sam D.

“Thank you, Sarah. I had this profound feeling of acceptance from our sessions. Acceptance of my body image, acceptance of eating habits, and acceptance of my feelings when I feel them. That is what I took away. I’m looking at food in a whole new light. I appreciate you helping with that mindset!!!”

Lauren K.

“During my time with Sarah, I realized just how much I used food in every state of emotion. From happiness to sadness to anger. I even used it as a reward system, but at the same time would always feel like I was making a bad choice. Sarah helped me to see my relationship with food was not something to get rid of or hate, yet learn from. She also helped me to see that there was something so much deeper going on. It is hard for me to open up about certain things, but Sarah is so easy to talk to and it all just seem to poor out. I’m so grateful for each conversation we had!”

Marcy B.

“My time with Sarah has been truly life changing. I have been a yoyo dieter my whole life. After every success and failure of each new diet, I found myself helpless and not able to trust my body, further confused and misguided as to why the latest “fix” failed. In working with Sarah, we began to closely examine and deconstruct my every day habits. In doing so, we were able to tweak and make adjustments. Now, I actually enjoy food and am no longer on a diet. I have also learned to be gentle with myself. My journey continues and I am so grateful for everything Sarah has taught me!”

Anita N.