Recovery is Possible!


What others are saying…

“Words cannot say how appreciative I am, you saved me, my family and my future. Thank you for being the guiding hand and a friend!”


“Sarah has a God given talent to see people in a way that is very unique. I have felt that there is nothing I could say that she would judge. She has the kindest spirit. She offers tools to use in every day life to help people find a deeper connection to themselves and where they can do more work. Her approach is very individualized so you will not be put in a box. You will gain true healing. Sarah doesn’t make you feel stuck in needing a coach forever, she sincerely wants you to heal and soar.”


“Sarah Lee is one of the most amazing people that have come into my life. She is one of my biggest blessings. She has taught me that food is not something to be afraid of. She’s also helped with my body image so much. I would recommend her any day of the week because she is just one of the nicest and genuine people I’ve ever met and always is thoughtful of you and thanks to her I’m fully recovered. I don’t know where I would be with out her. ”


“Sarah is so inspiring and made me see my body in a beautiful new way. She understood me and my challenges making it comfortable to talk about anything. I feel so blessed I found her. For the first time in my life I can actually say I love ME.”


“It’s hard to think where I would be right now if I hadn’t met my Sarah. As a more introverted person, I never once felt uncomfortable during my sessions and it was like a sense of freedom that I had nowhere else. Sarah showed me steps on how I could aim higher for recovery, it really helped me understand truly what an eating disorder was, and how I could beat it. It’s something I’m so grateful for.”


“My daughter got to meet with her recovery coach, Sarah Lee, only a handful of times before needing to be hospitalized for anorexia.  Prior to the hospitalization, Sarah worked closely with my daughter’s PCP and therapist, and upon my daughter’s admittance to the hospital, Sarah was an invaluable resource for the team, sharing her insights and information. For me personally, Sarah was instrumental in helping me come to terms with the urgency of my daughter’s state, which I am certain saved her life. As openings in programs were scarce and our insurance was not accepted widely, Sarah put in many hours reaching out to and connecting me with professionals at eating disorder treatment facilities until we found one that could take my daughter. She also stayed in touch with me regularly, checking up on my daughter’s progress and offering understanding and encouragement to me, and guidance when I asked for it. The care, wisdom, and compassion she offered was, to use a food term, nourishing. Upon my daughter’s completion of the hospitalization component, Sarah was right there, ready with a plan of action, which began with meal support during the critical time when my daughter was having her first meals at home during partials. In those early days, relapse seemed to always be a refused meal or a secret purge away, but Sarah helped my daughter push through by focusing on the basics: real relationship, goal setting, accountability, a lot of recognizing and encouraging of the healthy self, checking in often, and offering light, fun conversation while eating together. An essential component of this was always sharing observations with me so that we could work as a team. Sarah even comes to family meals a couple of times a month and sits around the table with us, while supporting my daughter.  When my daughter started a new school, Sarah offered support via texts during her lunches, set up goals, and had my daughter send her pictures of her meals. Because Sarah is recovered herself, she understands the disordered thinking acutely and, in a masterly way that is both gentle and firm, gets right to the heart of the matter. I am absolutely certain that my daughter would not be where she is today without coaching. The meal support, goal setting, accountability, and communication have all been crucial to get her over the inevitable humps and back on the road to whole health quickly.”


Having a coach meant having someone next to me, to support me and hold me accountable, plus track my progress. That was so important. Sarah took my hand and said we were going to do it together, creating weekly goals and challenges to overcome my fears. She truly understood me because she had been through it. No one else got “it” like she did. Sarah knew what I was thinking without me even having to say anything at times. I felt truly seen by her. I was able to trust her until I could trust myself. She gave me so many tools that helped me deal with my negative thought patterns. Sarah allowed me to reach out to her whenever I was struggling and this helped give me so much confidence in my recovery. She created a space of so much love and trust, without any judgement. I could tell her anything. I have never met someone like that before. I was able to share my tears and joy with her, which really made a huge impact on where I am today. I never thought I could stop purging. I thought I could maybe just limit it, but my coach helped me see I don’t have to live that way. Just knowing that she had Bulimia once and is totally free, gave me so much hope I could be free too. Sarah completely changed not only my recovery, but my life and who I am. To this day, a year after working with her, I will often ask myself…”What would Sarah say?” She is always with me.”


“Before starting coaching, I could not avoid thinking about food all of the time obsessively, about what I was going to eat today, tomorrow, the day after… I could not hear my truth and was constantly focusing on the eating disorder voices in my head. I could not be at peace and missed the feeling of freedom. I was binging, I could not have any control over food and the guilt I felt each time after eating food stuck with me. I felt so stressed just to sit a restaurant and think that all this food and I had to restrain or binge. And everything seemed to be a bad infinite loop around me in which I was stuck into! Also prior to my coach, Sarah, joining my team, I could never imagine that recovery was actually possible, I honestly felt alone and crazy in my eating disorder. HOPE was missing when I did not have a coach on my team. Also freedom was missing. When I knew Sarah was recovered from ED, I felt understood, I could tell her everything, text anytime between sessions, I had in mind a safe place. I could finally be me and accept what was going on. I felt surrounded by trust, wisdom, care and goodwill. I knew recovery could be possible for me. I can tell that I would have never been able to write those words without Sarah by side. She took me by the hand step by step to move forward and learn how to enjoy again one of the most beautiful that life has to offer: eating mindfully and at peace. I am beyond grateful to feel free again!”


“Thank you, Sarah. I had this profound feeling of acceptance from our sessions. Acceptance of my body image, acceptance of eating habits, and acceptance of my feelings when I feel them. That is what I took away. I’m looking at food in a whole new light. I appreciate you helping with that mindset!!!”


“During my time with Sarah, I realized just how much I used food in every state of emotion. From happiness to sadness to anger. I even used it as a reward system, but at the same time would always feel like I was making a bad choice. Sarah helped me to see my relationship with food was not something to get rid of or hate, yet learn from. She also helped me to see that there was something so much deeper going on. It is hard for me to open up about certain things, but Sarah is so easy to talk to and it all just seem to poor out. I’m so grateful for each conversation we had!”


“My time with Sarah has been truly life changing. I have been a yoyo dieter my whole life. After every success and failure of each new diet, I found myself helpless and not able to trust my body, further confused and misguided as to why the latest “fix” failed. In working with Sarah, we began to closely examine and deconstruct my every day habits. In doing so, we were able to tweak and make adjustments. Now, I actually enjoy food and am no longer on a diet. I have also learned to be gentle with myself. My journey continues and I am so grateful for everything Sarah has taught me!”


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