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Track Progress With an Eating Disorder Recovery App

Every day everywhere we turn, there are advancements in technology. If you can think of something, it is likely already out there. And if it isn’t, it is coming. Tools to help you accomplish your goals professionally and personally, foster your passions, and cultivate overall well-being. The world of eating disorder recovery is no exception.


I recently participated in writing a blog by my friend and colleague, Jodie Gale, called The Best Apps For Therapists As Recommended By Therapists. I was happy to be the needed Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coach and add input about my favorite eating disorder recovery app!


Recovery Record


Recovery Record is one of my favorite eating disorder recovery apps. It started as primarily a food journal, with a solid intent to support the sensitivities and intrusive thoughts of those struggling with an eating disorder. Advanced in so many ways over the years, you can now accomplish a ton within the app, from creating plans, setting goals, adding reminders, and all the while personalizing the experience. It helps bring awareness to eating choices, behaviors, environment, relationships, and moods, ultimately identifying triggers and areas to address along the recovery journey specifically.


One of the special attributes that genuinely has significant value is the ability to link privately to treatment providers, allowing for more substantial support, accountability, and interaction. I typically review my client logs a few times a week but sometimes even daily. This enables me to give feedback, celebrate wins, and gently challenge when needed.


Sometimes this app can be viewed as just a tool that treatment providers, like me, can use. However, that isn’t true. If you are struggling with food and your body in any way, you can use this eating disorder recovery app alone! It is appropriate for ages 12+ and has very high ratings and reviews in the app store.


For the Recovery Record app, just search your app store or go to:


If you want more tools, please check out Jodie’s blog below rounding up the best technology. If you are a fellow professional, you will also find specific tools listed just for you, for the blog was initially meant for you!


With Love & Light,

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