Sarah Lee and Merrit Elizabeth, Partnered, Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coaches (CCIEDC)

Eating Disorder Recovery Online Course

Almost a year in development!  Coming soon….

Conquering Bulimia

Private, self-paced, online course

  • A private, self-paced, online course to help you finally conquer BULIMIA and live a life free of your eating disorder while finding peace with your image, body, and food.
  • Partnered up and joined by leading experts in the field, adding decades of genius, with vulnerability and personal experience weaved throughout, that will open your mind and touch your heart.
  • Action and goal-oriented lessons and assignments that will help you maintain motivation, reflect, understand, and change your thoughts plus behaviors.
  • Loaded with additional resources and even two bonus modules to keep you moving forward.
  • A savings of over 60% compared to one-on-one coaching, with an additional special discount during prelaunch. Get on the waitlist for this special announcement!