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Sarah Lee, CCIEDC

Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coach
Owner of Sarah Lee Recovery
Co-Founder of Conquering Bulimia

Recovered. Believer. Deeply Relational. Animal Person. Poetic Enthusiast. Foodie.

I’m Sarah Lee, a Certified Eating Recovery Disorder Coach with four professional coaching certifications since starting my private practice in 2016. Specializing in serving females of all ages and individuals of the Christian faith worldwide, my journey stems from a personal battle with bulimia during my twenties. Motivated by the loss of my mother due to complications related to her own lifelong struggle with food and weight, I transitioned from an eighteen-year career in corporate banking to pursue my passion for helping others find freedom from eating disorders and disordered eating. Drawing from both my professional background and personal recovery experience, I offer comprehensive support to my clients, who often describe me as more than just a coach. Outside of work, I cherish time with my family, including my spoiled Schnauzer Oreo. I have a deep love for nature’s rustic serenity, yet also the elegance of fine dining. I also enjoy expressing myself through writing poetry.

My calling remains grounded in the mission of helping those struggling with eating disorders and providing them with the necessary care and tools for healing. To achieve this goal, I have formed a team of dedicated professionals and partners who work together to expand our impact and support more individuals. We aim to inspire hope and spread the message that recovery is possible.

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“One principle always holds true: You are only as good as the people on your bus. And my recovery coaching bus is the best. I am so grateful!  .”

Cambria Camp, RWCC

RW Certified Food Freedom Coach
Associate Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coach

Recovered. Compassionate. Nature-Lover. Former Athlete. Medical-Biology Buff.

Cambria Camp is an eating disorder survivor turned mental health advocate and Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coach. Once recovered, she developed a passion for helping others break free from diet culture and heal their relationships with food, body, and movement. As a coach, she is passionate about making sure every individual she works with feels safe, supported, and empowered in their journey to healing. She believes that recovery is possible and is eager to help others find freedom and stop battling with food and their bodies. Before coaching, Cambria earned her Bachelor of Science from Colorado Mesa University while working in a research laboratory focused on morphological novelties. Additionally, she has worked in an Emergency Department as a Medical Scribe for several years, gaining knowledge in the medical field while working alongside a team of medical and mental health professionals. When she is not coaching, she enjoys cuddling up with her one-eyed cat Oneya and watching her favorite show, The Office.

Our story…began with Cambria reaching out for help with her eating disorder. She had been on her recovery journey for a few years, and at that point, she wanted to heal once and for all. As I do with all my clients, I dove ALL into her story, holding her hand toward freedom. One day in a session, she said, “Sarah, you have helped me so much; one day, I want to help others too.” At that moment, my calling became even more significant with Cambria. Not only was I on a mission to help her fully recover, but I would also help her become a certified coach. Fast-forward and this co-coaching bond became a reality, with a recovered and certified Cambria being the first person I thought of to join me as a partner!
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Whitney Chase

Content Manager

Mental Health Advocate. Artist. Psychology Guru. Open-Minded. Passionate Writer.

Whitney Chase is a recent Georgia State psychology graduate looking forward to diving into the mental health field through writing and advocacy. As a person who’s struggled to open up about mental well-being in the past, she knows that embracing these difficulties can transform even the darkest moments into light and peace. Her plans include pursuing higher education to become a licensed clinical counselor and continuing her connection to the mental health field to become an individual who can address the needs of every client. Outside of this scope, Whitney enjoys curating an eclectic wardrobe and is always on the hunt for thrifted treasure.

Our story… began with a Facebook post. After years of doing it all” in my practice, I finally decided I needed a right hand and posted an assistant opportunity to join my practice online. Whitney stood out from minute one. I felt deeply that she was just who I needed. Shortly after hiring her, I realized she was so much more than an assistant. I then promoted her to an all-around Content Manager position within months. She has the incredible ability to take my words and vision and turn it into a living, breathing reality. Hiring Whitney is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my coaching practice!

If you have a recovery story you would like to share and be featured on one of my blogs, email Whitney:

Merrit Elizabeth Stahle, MSHPM, CCIEDC

Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coach 
Co-Founder of Conquering Bulimia
Owner of Merrit Elizabeth Recovery

Recovered. Driven. Fashionista. Neuroscience Enthusiast. Dream-Vision Creator.

Merrit Elizabeth is a CCI Certified Coach and founder of Merrit Elizabeth Recovery, where she provides eating disorder recovery care services to adolescent and young adult women around the world. She is a magna cum laude graduate of Southern Methodist University with a Master of Science in Health Promotion Management and is currently continuing her education in applied neuroscience. Combining the power of mindfulness, meditation, and mindset training, Merrit offers evidence-based strategies for success. Merrit utilizes her own recovery experience to provide compassionate recovery care and empower her clients to a life of health and happiness. Fun fact, before following her heart to help others fully recover from eating disorders, Merrit worked in the fashion industry as an assistant to a celebrity stylist in Los Angeles!

Our story…started with an email. As Merrit was completing her master’s degree, she also became interested in learning about recovery coaching and came across me. Our fast connection developed over a two-hour phone call. Shortly after, she asked if I would become her mentor. Seeing that she had something so special about her, it was a no-brainer to say “yes!” Through this relationship, Merrit pursued her certification, finished her master’s program, and built her now very successful coaching practice. Eventually, we knew we wanted to do something together to help more people, combining our collaborative effort into Conquering Bulimia – the online bulimia recovery.

To connect with Merrit visit her website:

Oreo, aka Sweet Boy

My Four-Legged Assistant

Sweet. Loyal. Spirited-Schnauzer.

From the office to the neighborhood, Oreo diligently oversees operations with a wagging, stubby tail and a nose for detail. With a keen eye, he completes daily inspections to ensure everyone’s work meets the highest standards, always delivering insightful analysis post-nap. Oreo also takes pride in overseeing the company’s charitable initiatives, particularly its support for Operation Kindness, the pet food pantry dedicated to feeding hungry animals in need. In his spare time, Oreo indulges in his passions, whether it’s chasing squirrels or playing with his beloved humans. He’s a master morale booster and lends a loving paw whenever needed.

Our story…began when my son went off to college. An adorable black and white-bearded puppy was the perfect fix for an empty nest! Even as a self-professed cat person, Oreo swooped in and stole my heart like no animal. He is often by my side in virtual client sessions and has even been known to accompany me to in-person sessions for local clients. I have added him to my Team Page so you can get to know me better and learn about my personality. If you are an animal lover, we will get along!

My practice is a proud sponsor of Operation Kindness. Learn more about Operation Kindness.

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