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Mentored Events

Life happens,​ ​the big events being the most memorable, naturally​. Yet, while most seem to warrant anticipation, fellowship, and celebration for someone suffering from an eating disorder,​ the experience can be quite disheartening. These happenings can produce worry, anxiety, fear, and dread. Then, to add insult,​ guilt and shame for realizing all of those feelings seem to follow all too often​.

Part of what I do as a coach is help you prepare for and process these experiences​ by accompanying you. There are many details to agree to, such as how you will refer to me with others, travel, time together and overall cost. We will discuss all of these aspects and more before your particular event. Additionally, setting goals that feel good, but challenge you, is also an integral responsibility​ of ours. There are ​two main reasons that major events and gatherings can be dreadful for someone with an eating disorder: people and food. I will help you navigate​ both, of course, depending upon ​your current ​stage of recovery. The bottom line​ is that I WILL​ be with you, I being someone who understands and will help you through the valley​!

Fee: Prices Vary

*Events include, but are not limited to:
Weddings, Family Gatherings, Reunions, Networking Dinners,
Doctor Appointments, Transition from Inpatient Care

*Payment is required before the Mentored Event and paid through PayPal.

* Military and Student discounts are available

Disclaimer: If you have any concerns or questions about your health, you should always consult with a physician or other health-care professional. Individuals with diagnosed eating disorders should be under the care of a medical professional. Individuals with serious health conditions should seek outside medical or psychological support. I am an Eating Disorders Recovery Coach. I am not a doctor, medical professional, psychologist, registered dietitian, professional nutritionist, or trained clinician of any kind. I do not practice psychology, provide nutritional advice, provide nutrition assessments, or engage in dietetics or nutrition practice. Rather, I provide educational information regarding food and food groups to complement outpatient eating disorder treatment. You should not rely solely on information provided by me as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

All Services


60, or 90 minutes

*In between session support offered at no additional cost

Meal & Shopping

Part of one-on-one coaching

*In between session support offered at no additional cost

Parental Support &

30 minutes

*In between session support offered at no additional cost

Text Only

Ongoing weekly

*In between session support offered at no additional cost

Download &

60 minutes

*In between session support offered at no additional cost

Conquering Bulimia,
Online Course

lifetime access

*In between session support offered at no additional cost

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