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Feathered Reflections: Embracing the End of the Year

As we come to the end of December and a new year begins, I encourage you to set your mind towards a positive outlook and pursuit. Your ego and even toxic beliefs can easily run the show if your mind is left on autopilot. However, working on training your mind helps change thoughts, neural pathways and habits. 

An intention is a great place to start. Please know you don’t have to cultivate some perfect ideal. See what comes to you after this simple prayer. “God, what would you like me to focus on in the coming year?” Then wait and listen.

For the past five years, I have done just this and chosen an intention going into the new year. This is one word that acts as a compass and mental reminder, and I encourage my clients to do the same. 

When struggling with an eating disorder, thoughts can be obsessive, critical, and judgmental. Recovery can feel like a huge mountain to climb and having a word of intent strengthens your Healthy Self motivating you to keep going.

Going into 2022, no words were coming to me. All I kept thinking about was a FEATHER. I thought maybe that meant “light” from the phrase “as light as a feather,” but that didn’t seem fitting. I even researched the symbolism of feathers. There were a lot of interesting points of view, but everything seemed forced.

So, I just went with the image I saw in my mind, a soft feather, having no idea how that could be an intention or compass. However, I knew God had given me this image, so I trusted in faith. 

Well, it is amazing what happened. All of 2022 feathers have shown up, emerged, and revealed themselves to me in SO MANY WAYS and very consistently. Each time, I would say with excitement something like, “A feather!!!!” or “Oh look, feathers!!”

Not until the end of the year have I realized what my whole “feather thing” has been all about. An image of sorts was needed, for there isn’t just one word that captures it! 

Every time I saw a feather, I smiled in joy, became present in the moment, was in awe of the little life miracles that happen every day, and remembered this vision God gave me!

I am thankful for my year of the feather!!

The smiles…

The moments…

The miracles…

And God calling me to heighten my presence in the now, which is where life happens.


May you reflect upon lessons of 2022 and aim higher in 2023.

With Love & Light,

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